Editing is hard…

I didn’t realise until I started just how hard this would be.

I’m attempting to self-edit my work. I still haven’t made a decision on whether I want to attempt to get an agent or if I want to try self publishing when I’m fully finished, but either way I know this manuscript needs to be in the absolute best shape I can get it in.

I’ve actually been very lucky, my husband happens to know an author who has just been given a publishing deal, and she very kindly did an example edit of chapter one, so I could see the kinds of things that would be highlighted. Chapter one is now amazing, if I do say so myself.

The problem I have now is applying the things she pointed out to the rest of the book. When I read the comments I completely understood why this didn’t work or that was just something I’d said earlier but worded slightly different, and therefore irrelevant. But trying to spot these things myself is so much more difficult than I had ever realised it could be.

So I’m currently weighing up the pros and cons of paying for a full edit. I’ve found no end of companies online that offer this service. The pros are obviously that an unbiased pair of eyes are going to spot potential problems a whole lot easier than I will. Also, they do this for a living so they are going to know a lot more than me about what works really well, and what is just a useless waste of my word count.

As for the cons, I can only think of one. This service seems to be quite pricey. But I also happen to think it will be money well spent if it helps me to achieve my dream of publishing.

So, it comes down to whether I think a professional edit is going to be worth spending quite a lot of money on? I’m leaning towards yes. (Any suggestions or recommendations on who to use would be greatly appreciated!)


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