Just call me confused…

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

You may have to bear with me here, as I am still on my editing rant/moan. (If this is the first post of mine that you have read then here’s a quick recap: I’m an aspiring author, and having finished the first full draft of my manuscript, I am now attempting to edit it myself as best I can. And my word, is it hard!)

So anyway,  I’ve re-read the entire thing now, and changed as much as I can. I think I found most of the typo’s. I definitely spotted the fact that I had managed to create two chapter thirteens. But I think that’s as far as my self editing skills can stretch. I’ve cut out a few repetitions, removed a couple of sentences where I can see I’ve slipped into a different POV without realising, and I’ve even managed to reduce some of the rather wordier sentences I may have used. You know the ones, where you use about fifty words to say something that only actually required five to convey properly. I’ve done my very best.

And I can quite honestly say, it’s not good enough. Cue research into a professional editor. Someone who can whip me and my manuscript into the best shape we can possibly be in. But all my research has done is make me feel a bit confused. There are just so many websites out there. Some offering so many different editing packages they make my head spin slightly. Do I want a copy-edit? Or a full line edit?  There are several places that say you don’t even need an editor. So what is a girl to do?

Well, this girl decided to eat a full packet of Toffifee chocolates to help with the decision making process, while researching all the available options. And guess what? I feel just as perplexed as when I began, and I’m not a single step closer to making a decision. So now I’m going to head to bed, and start the process again tomorrow with a clearer mind and a hopefully a better idea of what my book needs to get it as perfect as it can be.

This book-writing process is not easy. Good job I enjoy it!


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