Patience is a virtue.

And one that I apparently don’t possess!

I always thought I was a pretty patient person. I have four kids. Patience is a necessity to make it through the day! Especially where the youngest of the four is concerned. That boy is a serious handful. (I’m pretty sure I even heard the parrot say “No, Ollie!” the other day!) My patience knows no bounds when it comes to dealing with those four.

However, since starting writing my book, I have discovered that I seriously lack patience with myself. I would get overwhelmingly frustrated when I hit a block and couldn’t write a single word. That could be, for me at least, one of the single most annoying things to happen. I would sit, knowing where the story was heading, yet unable to write a one stupid word to express it. So many times I would just want to throw my laptop across the room so I didn’t have to sit and stare at the blank screen! (My only tip for dealing with that feeling was to distract myself google searching things like ‘writers block’ to see what tips other people had for dealing with it!)

And now, I’m (im)patiently waiting for my book to be edited. I literally feel like a child at Christmas, I’m so unbelievably excited to get it back. It is going to be pretty amazing to see my name on a freaking book cover! Which is currently under design too, another thing I’m too excited for! Must be patient…

Good things come to those who wait, right?



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