The Value of Support

via Daily Prompt: Value

Since I’m still waiting for all things book-related to happen, I haven’t had anything to write about for a while. Still just waiting patiently for the edit to be completed, and for the cover art to be finished. Amazing things take time, so I’m just waiting.

But I saw this prompt about value and realised I have something to say about it.

Ever since I went public about my book and told people I’m planning to publish it,  I have been getting asked about it. Just little questions like, ‘Where on earth did you find the time?’ or ‘What’s it about?’ or, possibly more importantly, ‘Can I read it?’. The support from people has been amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I told people. Maybe for a bit of mild curiosity, or for nothing to be said, or maybe for someone to laugh and take the mickey. But I didn’t expect so many people to ask if they can read it and when its going to be published. I’ve been quite touched by the responses.

So this was basically just a quick post to thank everyone who has shown interest in my little project, your support and kind comments mean a lot, and that’s something you cant put a physical value on. Fingers crossed ‘The Fated’ will be available for you all to read soon!


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