Daily Prompt: Fish

via Daily Prompt: Fish

I’m terrible at keeping fish. We must’ve had at least three fish tanks over the last seven years. Two were tropical, and one was marine. At least, I think it was that way round. Might’ve been the other way. Not really the point. The point is, I suck at keeping fish.

Not sure how, aren’t fish like the easy pets? I mean, we live in a veritable zoo. I have three very large, very happy dogs. None of them have tried to escape by literally jumping out of the tank and suffocating themselves like Nemo did. My husband manages to look after his various snakes, lizards and other random pets. (Did I mention the parrot I hate?? Oh, yeah the parrot survives but the fish was so unhappy he decided to jump?) I guess we just aren’t fish people.

I do like the idea of having fish. They look all cool just swimming around all brightly coloured without a care in the world. It just doesn’t work out. It’s no one’s fault. Like the cats. We had two cats. Both died. One was run over and one got poisoned. Again, not exactly our fault. Guess we are as bad with cats as we are with fish.

Just one of those things, I guess. Some people have fish, some have cats, we have dogs. Oh, and a parrot. That will probably outlive me.

Although now I’m thinking pony. We haven’t tried having a pony yet.

And man, was it nice to write something completely random. It’s been two weeks since I have written anything at all, so this feels like a good first step back!



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