The Zombie Apocalypse

So I saw this randomly pop up in my WordPress newsfeed and I couldn’t help myself, I had to write about it. I have actually had a few random conversations about this in the past!

Picture the scene. The end of the world. Flesh eating demon-zombies are everywhere after some horrific virus is unleashed upon civilisation. Streets are abandoned, houses are being ransacked and burned. Real Armageddon-style destruction everywhere.  You are one of the few remaining survivors. What would you do?

My theory is I would barricade myself in at work. I work in a supermarket. I’m fairly sure I would be able to live in there for a good few years. Obviously, it would need Zombie-proofing. All windows and exits covered. I’m assuming that zombie people and no more inclined to climb on roofs than normal human people? Could be a flaw in the plan. Not sure the roof is actually zombie proof…

Anyway. The store has everything. Literally. Weapons? Yup, we sell axes and sledgehammers. As well as a variety of other handy tools. And compressors. I’m sure I’ll need one of those. We also sell bed stuff, duvets, pillows, air beds. I’m definitely good for somewhere to sleep. And then there’s the biggie… Food. We obviously have tons of food and drink. Plenty to keep me going for at least a year. Plus, booze. So if all else fails I can get totally wasted so when the Zombies try to eat my brains, I just won’t care.

Sounds like a plan 🙂


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