Inspiration is a tricky little beast. One minute it’s there, and the next it’s gone.

A lack of inspiration is hugely detrimental to anything you are trying to achieve. Imagine attempting to paint a picture. You have a brush in one hand, a beautiful array of colours by your side, and a blank canvas in front of you. Yet, you cant think of one single thing to paint. No flash of brilliant inspiration hits you, and you just stand there staring at your canvas. The brush slowly droops, until your arm lays limp by your side. The motivation to create a masterpiece slowly ebbs away, until finally you pack away all your tools. The canvas remains blank, a silent reminder that you were unable to perform.

Or, like me, you happen to write. The same idea applies, except you’re staring at a blank word document, hands poised over the keyboard. Until you realise you can’t remember what you wanted to write. If it’s happened to you, you will understand the frustration. It even has a name. Writer’s block. (Is it called painter’s block if you’re an artist?)

So, the question is, what do you do when you don’t have that bright spark of an idea? When nothing hits you out of the blue and you think YES! that’s the one?

I still haven’t found a fool proof way to kick-start an idea. I tend to stick some music on. Ed Sheeran seems to be the best soundtrack to write to, for me anyway! I’ve written half of my current novel whilst listening to his music. I’ve had some of my best ideas when listening to music. I have discovered it doesn’t always work though.

Another trick I try these days is writing a blog post. I find that trying to write something that’s part of the novel without an actual idea of where its currently heading just doesn’t work for me, and I usually end up hitting the delete button. However, a blog post that has no pressure of being a part of something is a great way to a) write some words and b) vent some of the frustration!

I would love to know where your inspiration comes from…




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