Writing Problems 

This popping up on your laptop screen. Most. Annoying. Thing. Ever.  

I have twenty minutes before I need to leave for work. Twenty precious, quiet minutes where I am wide awake and feeling pretty focussed. Twenty minutes to finish searching for all those pesky ‘had’ words. No such luck. Instead I’ll spend the time writing this post, on my phone I might add, whilst checking the computer screen every five seconds to see if it’s finished doing whatever it’s actually doing. 

This is worse than writers block. And that’s pretty bad. It’s one thing to look at a blank page mocking you whilst you can’t manage to think of anything to write, but this blue screen with it’s stupid dotty circle is a whole other level of torture. I actually know what I want to write. I was motivated and inspired and ready to tap those keys! Ever feel like the universe is conspiring against you? I know I’m being fairly melodramatic right now but hey, I am a writer after all. 

I guess it will be another late night of editing after I’ve finished work instead. Good job I like coffee! 


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