So close…

Well, as the title says I’m so close to being a freaking published author! I’ve just submitted my files for review on createspace. Which is an insanely good feeling. In 24 hours time, I’ll get a response! However, in true ‘me’ fashion, it was harder than it should have been!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you’ll know I ran into a copyright issue. If you haven’t, I’ll explain briefly. Basically, I made the mistake of using some song lyrics within my novel. Later discovering that I needed a copyright licence to actually use them, I dutifully applied for one. Then I waited. And waited. Sent another email. Waited some more. I never actually got a yes or no response. But since I’m ready to publish, I decided to remove the lyrics and replace them with some (potentially terrible!) lyrics of my own. 

I should add in here that I had already formatted the entire manuscript and finally got everything on the right page without a single error. Then I changed the lyrics and reuploaded the manuscript onto createspace. And here is where I ran into trouble… suddenly everything had shifted onto the wrong pages! I could have cried. It took me several hours to format it the first time. I still don’t know how changing two lines managed to screw everything up so much. 

Another two hours later and I’ve mostly fixed the problem. Except for one tiny flaw that I’m not going to point out because I’m hoping no one will notice!!! The point of this ramble is to offer some advice for anyone who, like me, is completely new to this process. Format the damn thing before you start! Createspace have a template you can use. It will save a lot of time and heartache when you should be feeling pretty freaking epic for finishing the fiftieth and definitely final draft of your book. Lesson well and truly learned. 

So, to end this post, by the weekend, after I’ve finished having a mini panic attack about whether I should go through with it, I should be able to write a celebratory post about how I’ve done it. I’ve published a book. And I can’t wait to be able to say that.


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