Things I’ve Learned About Self-Publishing Part 4

Or maybe it’s 5 by now?

Anyway. Last night I discovered that nothing is easy. Ever. I’ll set the scene for you… I finished work at midnight. Drove home super excited to review the final proof for my book and click that magic button to publish it. Got home, booted up the laptop and starting reviewing. Only to realise I’d uploaded THE WRONG BLOODY FILE! 

Excitement quickly turned to annoyance at myself. So, thinking not that big of a deal, I’ll just do it again with the right one. Go into word to double check which file it is I actually need, and here is where I’ll give you some advice. A) Clean up old files. I have so many drafts and revisions of The Fated on my laptop it’s no wonder I managed to upload the wrong one. And B) always triple check your changes have saved. Turns out that the upload to onedrive had failed and I’d already clicked the discard old files button when it prompted me to say it had recovered some stuff. Big massive fail right there. So two hours later, I’d had to proof read the whole thing again and find all the errors I’d picked up in my last proof, then upload the whole thing again! 

So now I’m impatiently awaiting the email to say it’s been approved so I can check the whole thing again and hopefully, fingers firmly crossed here, publish my book. It’s taken nearly 18 months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and the odd sacrifice to the writing gods, so what’s a couple more hours?? 


One thought on “Things I’ve Learned About Self-Publishing Part 4

  1. That’s rough but it’s all valuable lessons learned for next time you publish. At least the finish line is still very much within sight.


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