The Fated – Book Review

Loved reading this review of my book, genuinely brought a smile to my face. Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone has enjoyed reading The Fated 😀😀😀

Author Helena Brady

I just finished reading The Fated by C.L. Abrams, and this is going to be an honest, spoiler-free review on the book.

If you saw my last book review (You can see it here.), you’ll know that I have little idea of what I’m doing when it comes to book reviews, so I apologize in advance.

My rating: 9/10

An ancient love wont be abated, for they two are the Fated.

A long held secret. A mysterious stranger. A revelation that changes everything.

Quiet bookworm Bethany Hall is just a normal teenager, living in the sleepy town of Stonebridge with her sports obsessed twin brother Ryan and their unassuming parents, Jonas and Saria. On the surface, Beth’s life seems a mundane routine of school and homework but the twins know their mother is hiding a secret that they are determined to uncover.

Then the handsome Lukas Castle…

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Is A Cliche Always Bad? 

Lately, I’ve been hard at work writing not one, but two novels. One is the sequel to the recently published ‘The Fated’ and the second is something a little bit different. But for anyone that knows me, this latest round of writing has led onto my latest round of Google mania. Whenever I get a bit stuck, or un-motivated, or just want to waste a bit of time, I turn to Google and search for pretty much anything. Some of you may have read the previous post I wrote when I started freaking out about the first book I wrote, and my discovery of plot clichés and Mary-Sue’s.

So this time, during one of my Google breaks, I was concentrating on how to write a good plot twist. Yet again, I found myself inundated with posts about clichés, and what you shouldn’t write. But nowhere does it really ever say what you should write. So just for fun, I thought I would gather up my favourite over-used plot lines and explain why I still think they are great.


1. The hero with a pre-destined future

This has been used about a million times. Harry Potter and the prophecy to knock off You-Know-Who is probably the most well-known. Basically, taking the main character and giving them a destiny that they have to fulfil whether they like it or not. And yet, I love this plot line. Why? Because who doesn’t want to think that Fate has a grand plan for them? I mean, have you ever imagined that you’re suddenly a chosen someone and the survival of the world as we know it rests on your shoulders? 

2. The boy gets the girl…

Or the girl gets the guy, or the guy gets the guy, girl gets girl, etc. Whichever way around the storyline goes, who doesn’t love a happy ending wrapped up in a neat little bow? I know I do. You spend a whole book rooting for this love story. Who cares if its predictable that Jane is going to end up with John and they will live happily ever after? We like to know our favourite characters have defeated the bad guy and won their love interest. Happy endings for the win!

3. The love triangle

Kind of links in with No.2 here. But there is nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned love triangle. Who doesn’t want to be fought over by two good-looking people? Tell me you’ve never fantasised about exactly that. And that is the point of a book. To give you something to day-dream about. I know I wouldn’t have complained about having Stefan and Damon Salvatore vying for my affections…

4. The break-up

The main characters have gotten together and life is a bed of roses. Until it all goes horribly wrong and they have a big fight and suddenly they aren’t living happily ever after. Twilight sticks in my head for this one. But it’s still great, because it’s a reflection of how life actually is. People make up and break-up all the time. It’s good to know it happens to your favourite book characters too. 

5. The good guy wins

Deep down I think we all like to believe that the good guy will always win. I mean, and I’m gonna point out here that I’ve never read a book where good didn’t beat the crap out of evil so if you know of one let me know, but what’s the point of good NOT winning? Just imagine for a second that Harry Potter didn’t beat the Dark Lord. My world imploded just trying to imagine that ending.

So, these are just a few of my favourite plots and yes, I’m aware that they are over-used and clichés, but I also think they are still great. And as long as you can put a new spin on an old classic, then I say use whatever storyline you like.

The Next Steps 

The picture says it all really. As anyone that either knows me or has read my blog will know, I’ve recently self-published my very first book, The Fated. Which in itself was a huge learning curve that taught me so much about the world of writing and publishing. But now it’s all done, I’m moving into another unknown: marketing. 

Now, I’m completely new to all of this. So the challenge of getting my book out there and read by people feels like a giant mountain that I have to try and climb, when I’m wearing flip flops. I’m completely unprepared for this task! I genuinely don’t even know where to start. I’m not going to lie, it’s taken me three weeks to figure out how to set up my author page on Amazon. Or, more accurately, to even realise I needed to do that. Not the best start. 

I have come to the conclusion that I have hours of Google searching ahead of me, and a lot to learn if I want to get people reading and reviewing my book. So far, the response has been pretty good but it’s mostly from friends and friends of friends. I’m really eager to get a few more people reading it, whether they love it or hate it or don’t really care for it either way. (Although to be honest, the first time someone says they hate it I will probably curl up in the foetal position with a family-sized bar of chocolate questioning my choice to write!) 

One positive is that I finally have a professional looking website that has been set up for me thanks to an actual pro, (thanks, Paul!) And I feel like that is a big step in the right direction. So maybe I’m now trying to climb my mountain in slightly more suitable footwear. 

Where did all my motivation go?

That’s a serious question. I genuinely don’t know where it all evaporated to. Ever since I hit publish on The Fated, I’ve been seriously lazy. Honestly. I don’t mind admitting it.  

But the problem I have is that now people are actually reading the book and some of them, yes mostly friends and family so far, are asking if there’s gonna be a second and when’s it gonna be done. So I smile and explain that The Fated took 18 long months to get right, and yes there will be a second book but it will take a while, promising them that I’m working on it. Then I turn my back and pull a face to myself because I know the truth. 

And the truth is I haven’t written a damn word of that book in weeks. My laptop is sitting in the corner of my room, silently judging me for not writing anything and simultaneously mocking me for being useless. I can see it right now out of the corner of my eye. I might throw a towel over it!! 

I’m not sure this post has an actual point, except for me to vent my own frustration at myself for my current laziness. I’d like to blame writers block, but I’d be lying. It’s not that I don’t know what to write, I just can’t seem to find the will to write it. It’s ok to take a break though, right? 

And Breathe!

So this is just a short one to say I’ve only gone and finally done it! The Fated is now available on Kindle. I’m officially an actual published author. Feels kind of amazing!

Ive learned some very valuable lessons along the way which should make writing and publishing my next book a hell of a lot easier. Well, in theory. But I am still me so chances are it won’t be!

You can find a link to the book on my about me page:

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that has followed and read my rambling blog posts along the way. I’ve no doubt that there will definitely be more of them in the future. 😀

Chantelle x

Things I’ve Learned About Self-Publishing Part 4

Or maybe it’s 5 by now?

Anyway. Last night I discovered that nothing is easy. Ever. I’ll set the scene for you… I finished work at midnight. Drove home super excited to review the final proof for my book and click that magic button to publish it. Got home, booted up the laptop and starting reviewing. Only to realise I’d uploaded THE WRONG BLOODY FILE! 

Excitement quickly turned to annoyance at myself. So, thinking not that big of a deal, I’ll just do it again with the right one. Go into word to double check which file it is I actually need, and here is where I’ll give you some advice. A) Clean up old files. I have so many drafts and revisions of The Fated on my laptop it’s no wonder I managed to upload the wrong one. And B) always triple check your changes have saved. Turns out that the upload to onedrive had failed and I’d already clicked the discard old files button when it prompted me to say it had recovered some stuff. Big massive fail right there. So two hours later, I’d had to proof read the whole thing again and find all the errors I’d picked up in my last proof, then upload the whole thing again! 

So now I’m impatiently awaiting the email to say it’s been approved so I can check the whole thing again and hopefully, fingers firmly crossed here, publish my book. It’s taken nearly 18 months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and the odd sacrifice to the writing gods, so what’s a couple more hours??